Emily Freelin

Emily is an Anderson-based potter who finds daily life inspiring. She received her BA from the South Carolina School of the Arts in 2016; she has been teaching and making ever since. Believing handmade objects are powerful conduits for intimacy, she would love to help your clay dreams come to life. 

Emily teaches $20 Thursday – Open Studio & Sip n’Spins.

Christina Image

Christa Eberhard

Christa is in her fourth year at Westside High School where she teaches mostly upper level art classes. She graduated from USC Columbia with a degree in Art Education. Christa enjoys challenging students to advance their skills and push themselves. Her favorite lesson to teach is charcoal portraiture or really anything that will end up getting messy

Christa teaches 2-D classes for ages 13-18 in After School Art Studio.

Donna Persinger

Donna Persinger is a multimedia artist with a primary focus on encaustic painting. She retired from a career in Special Education and Therapeutic Recreation where she utilized art in therapeutic and educational activities. Donna enjoys exploring possibilities in every medium looking beyond what is immediately evident reveling in the exploration of color combinations, textures, and employing materials in a variety of ways. Her work is intuitive flowing from her heart to express her connection to the world around her.

Donna teaches 3-D classes for ages 9-18 in After School Art Studio.

Holly Ferguson

Holly is an Art Education major at Anderson University. She has a passion for teaching others about all the things she loves. Her specialties include drawing, painting, and especially printmaking. She considers herself a lifelong learner and finds something new about art every day. She hopes to be able to impress her appreciation for art valuable life skills on her students.

Holly teaches art camp in the summers and workshops for ages 6-18.

Kim Bowen

Kim Bowen has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Education along with over thirty years of experience in Ceramics and various other art forms. For many years, she taught third and fourth grade but she loves to teach individuals of all ages. She strongly believes in the importance of fostering creativity and joy in her students. She invites you to come join us for a relaxing and fun time!

Kim teaches 3-D classes for ages 9-18 in After School Art Studio.

Sarah Ball

Sarah Ball is the Afterschool Art teacher in the 6-9 classroom. She is a recent graduate from Anderson University, and majored in Elementary Education. Currently, she is obtaining her Masters in Library Science from UofSC. She enjoys time in the classroom, and is constantly on the lookout for fun challenging 2D and 3D art projects. As an educator, she understands the importance of teaching students about artists and exposing them to various facets of art. She is also willing and able to learn new skills or practices to make her classes more enjoyable. Some areas of art expertise include 3D art, sewing, and weaving. 

Sarah teaches 2-D classes for ages 6-8 in After School Art Studio.

Terri McCord

Terri McCord has her M.F.A. in creative writing, a B.A. in English, and completed work in studio arts, education and art history. She is a poet and painter, and loves drawing. She also likes to combine the literary with the visual. She has taught residencies through the South Carolina Arts Commission.

Terri teaches 2-D classes for ages 9-12 in After School Art Studio.