Annual Juried Show

2024 Accepted Entires to the 49th Annual Juried Show

Join us Friday, April 19 for the opening reception and awards ceremony.

Accepted Art on the Town entries will be posted on April 15, 2024

Oksana Alfredson The Float
JoAnne Anderson In the Photo Booth
Dave Appleman Crevasse Climbers
Elaine Bailey Night Sky and Earth/Nut and Geb
Evelyn Beck Rush Hour
Evelyn Beck Grand Central Station
Larry Bennett Tall Trees
Larry Bennett Columbine
David Benson Hallelujah Amen Brother
David Benson View from Hotel Window Cambridge Mass
Allen Benson Calla Lily
Robert Bickel Two Old Friends
Kay Bingner Queen B
Debbie Black Troubled Waters
Ruth Bolles Struggle to Fly
Ruth Bolles Over Shadowed
Kim Bowen Pathways
Matthew Brophy Black Emerging
Matthew Brophy Galaxy Ceramic
RS Brown III Venetian Reflections #1
RS Brown III Venetian Reflections #2
RS Brown III Venetian Reflections #3
RS Brown III Venetian Reflections #4
Caroline Calder Chutes & Ladders #4
Caroline Calder Tutti Fruitti
Winston A Cely An Alley in Chinatown
Dale Cochran Blue Collar
Katya Cohen Mend
Katya Cohen Ukraine
Donovan Collins Five
Donovan Collins Popsicle
George Crown Shore Line, Peggy’s Cove
George Crown Composition Rocks
Barbara Crown Washed Ashore
Barbara Crown Rooted in Sand
Melody Davis As the Crow Flies
Melody Davis Garden party
Kym Day The New Ambassadors
Kym Day Horse with a Slice of Funfetti
Carole M. Dennison The Edge of the Woods
Nathan DePue Corridor
Yelitza Diaz Small Being
Tom Dimond Tribune
Jane Doyle A Walk in the Woods
Martha Driscoll All in a Row
Toni M. Elkins Fishes at Play
Toni M. Elkins Political Penguins
Michael England Land Ho!
Barbara M Ervin The Long View
Carolyn Faulkner Unbothered
Sherron Fergason Quiet Time
Holly Ferguson Unravel
Dan Fleming Covered
Danielle Fontaine Greenville Below Deck i – River Street Bridge
Rob Forbes Saying Goodby to an Old Friend
Alice Franzella The Shell Collector
Angelica Kim Freeman Sacred Spectrum: Voices from Above and Below
Angelica Kim Freeman Redemption ReBirth: Beauty from Ashes
Jane Friedman Life Amoung the Rocks
Sydney Gambrell Almost Exactly
Steve Garner Night Fail
Rob Gentry Guardian
Carolyn Gibson Psychedelic Decor
Carolyn Gibson Dining at the Beach
Ginny Gillen Bird Girl #3
Alan Goldsmith Open House
Francis Hardaway Snow
Andrea Harper Chestnut Mare
Melinda Hoffman Seed Migration by Water
Mary Ann Horn Hold Fast
Mary Ann Horn Carried Along
Erin Hughes It’s All in How You Wear It
Sally Hunter Purple Mountain Majesty
Sally Hunter Little Falls
Sally Hunter Drying Time
Jim Jackson Gem Stone Beach
William Jameson Early Fall on Buck Creek
William Jameson Late Day on the Gorge
Karen Jamrose The Last Bend
Karen Jamrose It’s a Spring Dance
Craig Johnson Down in Green Pastures
Patsy Johnson Clownscape
Steven Jordan Money Lisa
Steven Jordan View from St. Phillips
Al Junek At Rest
Frankie Kellum Marsh Magic
Talin Keyfer Expanding Horizons
Talin Keyfer Evolving Flow
Joy Kuby Botanical Blessings II
Joy Kuby Botanical Blessings III
Julie Lamp Roots
Den Latham Saints Creek
Den Latham Kandinsky 3
Chet Lawson The Four Horsemen
Chet Lawson In the Garden of Ruin
Adrienne Lee Shimmer
George W. LeMieux Jr. Margarette Falls
Jeanine Lewis Purple Mountain
Connie Lippert Into White
Mel Livernois Turned Inside-Out
David Locke Lighthouse Maine
Cecile Martin autumn redeux
Judy Martin A Long Walk
Linda McCune Covid Series 3
Mary Cooper McDonough Marsh at Dusk, A Holy Rest
Brenda McLean Suppertime in teh Foothills
Guido Migiano Saint Johns Yacht Harbor & Stono River
Beckey Miller Euclid’s Folly
Glen Miller Appalachian Birdsong; Mourning Dove
Kathy Moore Experiences- “All our firsts, and our lasts, and everythingin between. They swirl and danceon the invisible currents, and then one by one, they disappear to a place they will always be a part of.” Jessi Kirby
Dawnyelle Moore My Cup Runneth Over
Melissa Moore “Mother”
Al Morris Conrail
Vicki Mountz When Winter Came Early
Aldo Muzzarelli Intolerance
Elizabeth Nason City Series #3
Elizabeth Nason Control
Wesa Neely Floral Abundance
Stan O’Bannon Untitled (fence)
Donna O’Hara Orville
Donna O’Hara Winny
Brienne Oliver Rhinoctfaery
Kate Salley Palmer Rhododendrons #2
Kate Salley Palmer When You Come to a Fork in the Road…2
John Pendarvis Saxophone #1
John Pendarvis The Music – Guitar Player
Michelle Petty Her Patient Wait for the Son
Michelle Petty Boardwalk Bather
Hannah Poe Chalet en Collagé
Linda Campbell Pryor Star Power
Linda Campbell Pryor Purple Ice
Liz Purcell The Challenge
Donna Reiss Handmade Book
Donna Reiss Avian Arbor
Danielle Rentz Backwoods Beauty
Ray Richards Somewhere in West Texas
Cindy Robinson Bobby
April Rollins “Glacial Rivers” Series #2
April Rollins “Botanical Map”
Debbie Rote Aerial View
Ryan Roth Recycled Dreams
Emely Ruiz Colorful Elegance
Anita Seitz Trail of Tears
Larry Seymour Aww…
Lisa Shimko Great Blue Heron Sunrise
Lisa Shimko Lemon Tree Message (Carolina Parakeet)
Edward Shmunes Crept
Diann Simms Bay Village
Alan Smith Sprigs and Blooms
Alan Smith Hillside Retreat
Kathy Panhorst Smith Ring of Fire Eclipse Campbell, CA 2023
Kathy Panhorst Smith Winter’s Joy
Lori Solymosi After the Party
Jan Sparks Family Artifacts
Jeff Spearman Sailing Away
Beti Strobeck Woodland Sundown
Karen Sturm Just Barbered
Ryan Mitchell Taylor Gingrich Don’t look
Christine Tedesco Women & Children 1
Carole Knudson Tinsley A Time of Reckoning
Carole Knudson Tinsley Leap of Faith
John Urban Afternoon Thunderstorm
Beverly Walker Swirling Breezes
Diana Walter Anticipation
Diana Walter Revamped
Gail Watson Contentment
CT Weiss Canopy
Leslie Wentzell The Offering
Barbara Brown Whitney Mystic Morning
Lu Wixon Spring View of Paris Mountain


Accepting Entries
March 21-23, 10:00am – 4pm

Preview Perusal Party
Open to Award Donors & Arts Center members
March 23, 4:30pm – 7:30pm

Juried Results Posted Online
April 3
No results will be given over the phone. Results will NOT be mailed. 

Exhibit Dates
April 19 – May 31

Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony
April 19, 6:30pm -8:30pm
Awards at 7:00pm

Art on the Town Viewing
April 22 – May 10

Not-Accepted Entries Pickup
April 19, 10:00am – 8:00pm
April 23, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Accepted Entries Pickup
June 3-5, 10:00am – 5:00pm

• Minimum 18 years old
• Only original works not previously shown at the AAC
• Must have been created within the past two years
• Any media welcome – including painting, pastel, drawing, sculpture, pottery, basketry, graphic, wood, mixed media, photography, metalwork, and jewelry, etc.
• All work to be hung must be appropriately and securely wired for hanging.
• No clip mounting and no sawtooth hangers
• If subject to damage, must be under plexiglass or glass (gallery-wrapped canvas acceptable)
• All 3-D work must sit solidly on a flat surface or properly mounted for hanging
• No size restrictions, but MUST be transportable and able to be hung in a conventionally sized gallery

Entry Fee
$40 for one OR two entries. Artist may enter more than two pieces for an additional $40 per two pieces.

The Annual Juried Show historically presents several thousands of dollars in awards to artists. These awards are made possible by the generosity of Anderson Arts Center supporters who want to reward artists for their talent. We are so thankful for our community donors who value the arts.

Merit Awards
All merit awards are bestowed by the juror in recognition of excellence in the visual arts.These monetary awards go directly to the artist showing that our community considers their work valuable and worthy of recognition. Donors do not receive anything in return.

Purchase Awards
Purchase awards are given to artists whose artwork is chosen to be purchased by the donor of the award. Regardless of the price of your work, you may select to offer your piece for a purchase award of $500 or $1000. The full amount of the award will be given to the artist. There is no commission given to the Arts Center for a Purchase award sale. You must mark the appropriate box on the entry card to be considered for a purchase award.

Artwork Sales
All entries are available for sale through the gallery unless otherwise noted.
• If a work is not for sale, NFS (Not For Sale) must be noted on your entry card.
• A 35% commission will be charged by the Anderson Arts Center.
• No PORs (Price on Request) will be accepted.
• All work for sale must have the price listed and will be sold as exhibited.

The Anderson Arts Center assumes responsibility for insuring and caring for the works of art selected for exhibition while they are in our possession. However, the Anderson Arts Center will not assume costs of shipping artwork or insurance while in transit to or from the Anderson Arts Center. The Anderson Arts Center reserves the right to refuse any entry and to withdraw any work from the exhibition at its discretion. The Anderson Arts Center reserves the right to photograph and reproduce any entry submitted for educational or publicity purposes.

Join in the Anderson Arts Center’s Annual Juried Show by submitting entries for SculpTOUR, a sculpture competition held through a partnership with the City of Anderson.

This competition allows for up to four outdoor sculptures to be juried into a year-long outdoor exhibition with cash prizes of $2000 for each selected piece.

This year’s competition is particularly exciting because the City of Anderson is hosting more than 200 international executives and community leaders for a week-long conference in mid-April 2024. The INMC (International Network of Michelin Cities) Conference will bring an abundance of additional tourists to the area to see your work on display.

Entry Deadline: March 1

Art on the Town is an extended exhibit of the Juried Show. Works are eligible for Art on the Town if indicated on the entry form. Artwork will be on view in various restaurants, retail shops, and other business locations from April 22 – May10. You must check the Art on the Town box on the entry card to be eligible.


Roxanna Albury began her art education career at the State Department of Education in Florida in 1965 and then taught studio and art history as an assistant professor at Brevard Junior College in Melbourne, Florida. Moving with her family to SC in 1971, she spent 30 years there, first in arts administration, and then teaching in elementary, junior high, high school, and higher education. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in design and a Master of Arts in art education from Florida State University, she later graduated with a Doctorate of Education in art education from the University of Georgia in 1991.  She served as Supervisor of Art for Anderson School District Five for thirteen years. While there, Roxanna was president of the board that founded Anderson County Arts Council in 1972. She taught art at Pendleton High School for three years, and in 1987, she was selected as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher to teach at James Allen’s Girls School in London. Upon returning to the States, she became Director of the Summer Program for the SC Governor’s School for the Arts, then moved to Lander University in the fall of 1990.  At Lander, Roxanna helped design the MAT program and was instrumental in its implementation.  She was awarded Professor of the Year and Carnegie Professor in 1996 and twice nominated for South Carolina Professor of the Year.  Roxanna has twice served as president of the South Carolina Art Education Association, as president of the South Carolina Alliance for Arts Education, and three years as director of the SC Curriculum Leadership Institute in the Arts.  Now retired to the mountains of NC, Roxanna has spent much of her time traveling with her husband, Bill Chaiken, and enjoying the visits of her children and grandchildren. 



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