Juried Show Update Effective April 10, 2020

We are so thankful for all of the wonderful artists that participated in this year’s Annual Juried Show! We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigated the best way to handle things as the coronavirus forced us to make changes.

Please see the Calendar of Events for changes in artwork pick up dates.

We are pleased to announce the awards selected by our juror, and we invite you to join us on a virtual tour of the show once it is complete. We hope to have the virtual tour available by Thursday, April 16. We will also use the tour to help promote sales of your artwork.

We have had to suspend the Art on The Town activities, but artwork selected for that event is now hanging in our Atrium Gallery, and we will have a virtual tour of that exhibit, also! Additionally, we continue monitoring the public gathering rules in order to make the appropriate decisions regarding a closing reception. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for news and updates as they become available.

Congratulations to these outstanding artists!

Our Juror: Joseph Peragine

Joseph Peragine’s paintings, sculptures, and animation have been presented in galleries, contemporary art spaces and museums throughout the USA and internationally. Recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition titled After The Hunt at Marcia Wood Gallery and group exhibitions Lu Art Gallery in Baoding City, China and in Ireland at the Butler gallery in Kilkenny. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Peragine lives with his family in Atlanta and is a professor in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking at Georgia State University.

Calendar of Events

Accepting Entries
March 19th – 21st

On display through June 2nd

Juried Show Virtual Exhibit
Available Now

Art on the Town Virtual Exhibit
Available Now

Accepted AND Not Accepted Entries Pickup
Thursday, June 4th, 10:00am – 5:30pm
Friday, June 5th, 10:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday, June 6th, 10:00am – 4:00pm

2020 Accepted Entries

Akasha Wood “Blizzard Brewing”
Akasha Wood “Endangered”
Al Morris “Morning Tea”
Al Morris “Savage Mills #3”
Aldo Muzzarelli “Fading Wings”
Ali van den Broek “The Subject was Pairs”
Ali van den Broek “Pas de Deux”
Alice Burnette “Midwest Heritage”
Allen Coles “Down the Highway”
Anita Seitz “Honeysuckle Hummingbird”
Ann Heard “Red Amaryllis”
Anthony Hedrick “Greece in a Saucer”
Anthony Hedrick “That’s Right, Yer Not From Texas”
Barbara Ervin “That Old Time Religion – Hard Work with Divine Inspiration”
Barbara Ervin “Hills of Peacock and Gold”
Barbara Whitney “Astral Way”
Beti Strobeck “Holden Beach Shipyard”
Beti Strobeck “Morning Has Broken”
Bob Jolly “Riding A Zephyr”
Brad Johnson “Autumn Glory”
Brenda Hill “Master of Disguise”
Brenda McLean “Road to Highlands”
C.T. Weiss “estadio abandonado”
C.T. Weiss “Contours 2”
C.T. Weiss “Contours 3”
Carlyn Hardy “City Stroll”
Carole Knudson Tinsley “Story Wall”
Carole Knudson Tinsley “Special Friends”
Carolyn Gibson “All My Belongings”
Carolyn Gibson “Empty x 3”
Carrie Burns Brown “Everything Dances”
Carrie Burns Brown “Convergent”
Catherine Stathakis “Seasons Change”
Cecile L.K. Martin “Zephyr”
Cheryl Gibisch “After the Rain”
CL Thrower “Saint Indulgens I”
Connie Lippert “Emergence”
Craig Johnson “Holy Family”
David Young “Face in Driftwood”
Debbie Bzdyl “Then The Rains Came”
Denise Ayers “A Visual Guide on how to Hold and Interact with Your Device”
Denise Ayers “Jessica and Ellie”
Diana Gilham “Abstract Landscape I”
Diana Gilham “Abstract Landscape II”
Diane B Lee “Spring Bouquet”
Diann Simms “Red Corner Chair”
Edward Shmunes “Revelry”
Ellie Phillips “Lilies”
Erin Hughes “Mavis”
Erin Spainhour “N. Charleston, Shop 23”
Erin Spainhour “Highlands, The Bascom”
Evelyn Beck “Kiddie Ride”
Evelyn Beck “The Bridge”
Gail Watson “On the Lookout”
Glenn Abbott “Maelstrom”
Gordon Dohm “Coastal Carolina Sunrise”
Guido Migiano “At the River Bend”
Guido Migiano “Sunlight On A Mountain River II”
Hamed Mahmoodi “Celebrity”
Heather Noe “Dark Days Ahead”
J Michael Simpson “Since III”
J Michael Simpson “Since IV”
Jamie Hansen “The Space Between Us”
Jane Todd Butcher “Cypress Forest, Winter”
Jason Padaetz “Untitled”
Jennifer Pray “Grace”
Jill Strickland “Look Up Child”
Jim Jackson “Coastal Carolina”
JoAnne Anderson “Ain’t Gonna Do It”
Joe Farmer “Ancient Voices”
Johan Hakansson “Southern Charm”
John Pendarvis “Shadowed Beneath Thy Hand”
John Urban “Passing Through”
John Urban “Horsepower”
Judy Martin “Drip”
Julie Lamp “Infinity”
Kathy Moore “Endangered Species”
Katya Cohen “OI”
Katya Cohen “Ghosts”
Kay Bingner “Vertical Blues”
Kay Bingner “That’s The Ticket”
Kennedy Wakefield “The Memory Project”
Kent Ambler “Afterglow”
Kent Ambler “Moonlit Mill”
Larry Bennett “Dock”
Larry Seymour “Rock Repose”
Larry Seymour “Snow Pack”
Linda Pryor “Viola’s Quilt”
Lisa Shimko “Mourning Dress (Cherry Tree)”
Loretta Addison “Travelers Rest – Scales”
Lori Solymosi “Treasures”
Lori Solymosi “Figuratively Speaking”
Lorri Jennings “I Am Sobriety”
Lu Bentley “Dreams”
Lu Wixon “Brissey Ridge Hikers”
Lula Lowery “I Am In Charge Of Me”
Maegan Mosher “It’s Literally Just a Gas Station”
Maegan Mosher “Missing Piece”
Matthew Brophy “80,000 BTU’s”
Matthew Brophy “Shrouded Gathering”
Michael England “Beach Conference”
Michelle Winnie “Morgan and Mickey”
Mishelle Barnett “Gold In The Morning Sun”
Polly Richardson “Marsh At Pawleys”
Ray Richards “Union Pacific 4014 “Big Boy” Tour. del Rio Texas 11-3-19″
Rebecca Splawn “Lure”
Sally Trussell “Stonewall Winery”
Sally Trussell “Maine Canoe”
Samara Phillips “Waiting For Cut Flowers”
Sarah Kern “Buddy”
Sarah Kunkel “The Echoing Blue”
Seth Scheving “Is She Naked?”
Stan O’Bannon “Serenity”
Steve Garner “Me Nightowl”
Steve Garner “Deerland 55”
Steven Jordan “The Root Of All Evil”
Steven Jordan “Steeple View, 1982”
Sydney Gambrell “Worley Woods”
Tabitha Simmons “Cellular Memory”
Tom Dimond “Atlas”
Tom Dimond “Spheres of Influence”
Tom Gibson “El Garanje, La Habana Vieja”
Toni Elkins “The Tea Cup”
Toni Elkins “Pretty Girls”
Valerie Lowe “Enough For Everyone”
Valerie Lowe “Malcolm Makes Me Happy”
Wendy Converse “Kappadokia”
Wendy Converse “Rugged Beauty”
Wendyth Thomas Wells “Go Fish/Red”
Will Barnes “Alternative Reality #3”
Will Barnes “Vitrics of Color #2”
William Jameson “Afternoon Light, Jones Gap Cascades”
William Jameson “Variations on a Theme: Nocturne II”

2020 Awards Gallery

 David Vandiver Best of Show – $2,000
Kay Bingner “Vertical Blues”

Russell Warren Second Place – $1,000
Katya Cohen “OI”

Third Place – $500
Kent Ambler “Afterglow”

Callie Stringer Rainey Award – $1,000
Kent Ambler “Afterglow”

Purchase Awards - $500

Barbara Mickelson Ervin “Hills of Peacock and Gold”
Beti Strobeck “Morning Has Broken”
Beti Strobeck “Holden Beach Shipyard”
Guido Migiano “At the River Bend”
Jane Todd Butcher “Cypress Forest, Winter
Matthew Brophy “80,000 BTUs”
Matthew Brophy “Shrouded Gathering”
Rebecca Splawn “Lure”
Stan O’Bannon “Serenity”
Will Barnes “Vitrics of Color #2”

Watercolor Award - In Memory of Ruth Hopkins by Claire Warren $250

Al Morris “Savage Mills #3”

Merit Awards - $200

Akasha Wood “Blizzard Brewing”
Evelyn Beck “The Bridge”
J. Michael Simpson “Since IV”
William Jameson “Afternoon Light, Jones Gap Cascades”

Merit Awards - $100

Brenda McLean “Road to Highlands”
C.T. Weiss “Estadio Abandonado”
Guido Migiano “Sunlight on a Mountain River II”
Heather Noe “Dark Days Ahead”
JoAnne Anderson “Ain’t Gonna Do It”
John Pendarvis “Shadow Beneath Thy Hand”
Julie Lamp “Infinity”
Lori Solymosi “Treasures”
Mishelle Barnett “Gold in the Morning Sun”
Steven Jordan “The Root of All Evil”
Sarah Kunkel “The Echoing Blue”
Tom Dimond “Spheres of Influence”
Wendy Converse “Rugged Beauty”
Will Barnes “Alternate Reality #3”

Photography Merit Awards

Allen Coles “Down the Highway”

C.T. Weiss “Contours 2”

Tom Gibson “El Garaje, La Habana Vieja”

Fine Craft Merit Awards

Matthew Brophy “80,000 BTUs”

Jim Jackson “Coastal Carolina”

Valerie Lowe “Enough For Everyone”

SculpTOUR Winners

Adam Walls “Conceive”
Adam Walls “P.O.W.”
Bob Doster “House Portal”
Bob Doster “Trinity”
Matt Amante “Orbit”
Mark Woodward “Bicycles Don’t Eat Hay”

Purchase Award Donors

Annette and Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
Ben Hagood
Eric and Darlene Cohen
Jamie and Myranda Cantrell
Jennifer Makison
Martin Holland Advertising
Megan Reeves
Richard Stanland
Sally Hancock
Suzanne & John Rogers

Merit Award Donors

Addy Smith
April Cameron
Anderson Artists Guild
Bill Theriot
Catherine Hamby
Diane Lee
Donna and David deHoll
Donna and Mike Vandiver
Friends Art Farm Catering
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Herbert
Indigo Custom Framing
Julie Barton Collins
Kay & Juan Brown
Kathy and Gary Moore
Kathryn & Leo Smith
Kimberly & Billy Spears
Kristi and Bob Austin
Lori and Andy Jarman
Martin Holland Advertising
Pat and JoAnn Vickery
In Memory of Robert M. Gallant II
Renaissance Interior Design
TL Hanna Art Department
Tracy Weiss

2020 Art on the Town Selections

Al Junek “Gateway Into the Fog”
Aldo Muzzarelli “Margarita & the Prejudices”
Barbara Curri “St. Augustine Marina Sunrise”
Brad Johnson “Americana”
Carlyn Hardy “Autumn Walk”
Carole Dennison “Maloola By Sunrise”
Cheryl Gibisch “Absence of Chlorophyll”
Cheryl Gibisch “Rattlesnake Creek”
Connie Lippert “Below the Surface”
CT Weiss “The Reflection”
Daryl Stevens “Three Horses”
David Young “Face Planter on Wood Stand”
Debbie Bzdyl “When Earth Was New”
Diann Simms “Fall Garden”
Edward Schmunes “Waiting for Godot”
Erin Hughes “Winter was a Blur”
Hamed Mahmoodi “Hope”
Heather Noe “Blood Moon”
Jamie Hansen “Cherokee Rose”
Jane Doyle “Sunday Morning”
Jane Todd Butcher “Skybirds”
Jazzy Jordan “Queen Street, Charleston”
Jennifer Pray “The Wishing Tree”
Jfred King “Broken/Christ”
Jim Jackson “Arrowhead and Brass”
JoAnne Anderson “White Hot”
Judy Martin “Waves”

Kathe Harris “Spring at Pearson Falls Runoff”
Kathy Moore “Social Distancing”
Kathy Ogden “Angel of Light”
Larry Bennett “Aspens”
Linda Kelleher “Those Cotton Pickin Birds”
Linda Pryor “Sunrise/Sunset”
Loretta Addison “Traveler’s Rest – Fireplace”
Mel Livernois “Holey Hollow Vessel”
Michael England “Songs from Monroe”
Michelle Winnie “Morgan & Company”
Peggy Bowman “No Limits”
Ray Richards “It is time”
Rebecca Splawn “Silver Birches”
Samara Phillips “From All Angles”
Seth Scheving “Another Guise”
Steven Jordan “Appealing Parody”
Steven Jordan “Night Heron”
Tabitha Simmons “Last Look Back”
Toni Elkins “American Heroes”
Valerie Lowe “Bigger is Better”
Valerie Lowe “Pot of Gold”
Wendyth Thomas Wells “Go Fish/Blue”
Yelitza Diaz “Quarantine I”
Yelitza Diaz “Quarantine II”
Yvonne Park “All That’s Left”


Sculpture artists are invited to participate in the Anderson Arts Center/City of Anderson’s Partnership for Public Art: SculpTOUR competition and exhibition as a part of the 45th Annual Juried Show. Up to six outdoor sculptures will be juried into the year-long outdoor exhibition for cash prizes of $1,000 each. This unique Anderson public art competition will be judged by a selection committee. All installations must be completed by Art on the Town, May 9th, and will remain for one year.

Artists chosen as finalists will be required to be available during the installation and take down processes. All installation costs and insurance will be the responsibility of the Anderson Arts Center. Each sculpture artist will be required to complete and submit an entry form and pay an entry fee during the take in days (March 19th – March 21st). Complete descriptions of the piece and artist’s resumes should be included at entry. Sculptures too large to be submitted during the take in for the juried show must be submitted by photographs emailed to addys@andersonarts.org. More information is available by calling the Anderson Arts Center 864.222.2787.


All artists 18 years or older may submit works for this show. Only original works of art not shown previously at the Anderson Arts Center and created within the last two years are eligible. These works may be in any media including painting, pastel, drawing, sculpture, pottery, photography, fibers, printmaking, weaving, basketry, graphics, wood, etc. All works to be hung must be professionally framed and securely wired under Plexiglas or glass; gallery wrapped canvas is acceptable. No clip mounting will be accepted. Three-dimensional work must sit solidly on a flat surface or be properly mounted for hanging. If works are not adequately prepared for display, they will be withdrawn from jurying. While there are no size restrictions, entries must be transportable and able to be hung in a conventionally sized gallery.

Art Shuttle Service

This year there will be an Artwork Shuttle Service to select areas in SC. Artists will have the opportunity to deliver Juried Show entries to a central location in each of these cities. There will be an additional $10 fee for this service.

The Anderson Arts Center will pick up the entries and then return the work after the show closes. All works participating in the process will be covered by liability insurance.

All work MUST be boxed in a reusable container, with each box labeled with the artist’s name, the title of the piece, email address, phone number and address.  $35 entry fee and  $10 shuttle service fee may be paid online or mailed; if paying with a check, artists are welcome to combine the amounts into one check of $45. Work inappropriately boxed will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

For more information regarding this service, and additional opportunities, please call the Anderson Arts Center at 864.222.2787, or email Addy Smith at addys@andersonarts.org.

Shuttle Pick-Up Locations 

Rock Hill: Center for the Arts (Arts Council of York County)
121 East Main Street, Rock Hill, SC, 29730 • (803) 328-7129
Accepting Entries: Tuesday, March 17th through Thursday, March 19th, from 9am- 4:30pm
Entries will be picked up on March 19th at 5pm
Entries will be returned on June 4th and must be picked up that day.

Columbia: City Art
1224 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC, 29201 • (803) 252-3613
Accepting entries: Tuesday, March 17th through Thursday, March 19th, from 11am- 4pm
Entries will be picked up on March 20th, at 12 noon
Entries will be returned on June 4th and must be picked up that day.

Delivery of Entries
Entries must be hand delivered to the Arts Warehouse at 110 Federal Street, Anderson, SC, Thursday, March 19th, 10am-4pm, Friday, March 20th, 10am-4pm, and Saturday, March 21st, 10am-4pm OR delivered to Shuttle Locations.

Pickup of Entries

NOT ACCEPTED AND ACCEPTED ENTRIES may be picked up at the Arts Warehouse on Thursday, June 4th, 10am- 5:30pm, Friday, June 5th, 10am- 5:30pm and Saturday, June 6th, 10am- 4pm

After July 30th, 2020, all work not picked up becomes the property of the Anderson Arts Center.

Calendar of Events

Accepting Entries
March 19th – 21st

Juried Show Virtual Exhibit
Available Now

Art on the Town Virtual Exhibit
Available Now

Accepted AND Not Accepted Entries Pickup
Thursday, June 4th, 10:00am – 5:30pm
Friday, June 5th, 10:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday, June 6th, 10:00am – 4:00pm


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