Accepted Entries for 44th Annual Juried Show

 David Vandiver Best of Show – $2,000
Aldo Muzzarelli “Rain of Prejudice”

Second Place – $1,000
John Kayrouz “The Portal”

Third Place The Russell Warren Award – $500
Kathy Moore “She Had Holes in Her Memory”

Callie Stringer Rainey Award – $1,000
Melissa Pinney “African Artifacts”

Purchase Awards - $500

Charles Mosteller “The Moment”
Debbie Bzdyl “Epiphany”
Guido Migiano “Sunlight on the Marsh”
Yelitza Diaz “Traumatic Red”
Andrew Murphy “Jack’s World”
Wendy Rogers “Blue Delft and Red Cherries”
Rob Gentry “Firesong Melody”
Deane King “Sunny Daze”
Beti Strobeck “Walking in Light”
Barbara Mickelson Ervin “In Between Time”
Barbara Mickelson Ervin “Rhythm”
Stephanie Christian “#31”
John Urban “Mt. Moran”
Barbara Yon “Commitment”

Merit Awards - $250

Seth Scheving “The Weight of Glory”

Merit Awards - $200

Ron Buttler “Disintegrating Man”
Charles Mosteller “The Moment”
RG Brown “Kokse”
Kymberly Day “High Plain, Lo Mein”
Ric Standridge “It’s a Miracle”

Merit Awards - $100

KC Christmas “Jacquelyne and Susanne”
Debbie Bzdyl “Journey Into Being”
David Young “Double Walled Vessel”
Guido Migiano “Sunlight on the Marsh”
Tom Dimond “Beyond the Wall”
Sally Donovan “Port of Miami”
Wendy Rogers “Blue Delft and Red Cherries”
Ali Van den Broek “Crossing Liberty in the Rain”
Chris Troy “Fire Song Soul”
Troy Ayers “Spirit”
Jenny Bishop Heaton “Bounty”
Nancy Williamson “Reflection Totem”
Susan B Eleazer “Matriarch”
Brenda McLean “Red Barn”
Erin Spainhour “Breeze”
Kymberly Day “Cowboy Study (Amber)”
Loretta Addison “Traveler’s Rest – Bedroom”
Erin Hughes “Rest”
Russell Jewell “Mystery in the Street”

Photography Merit Awards

Willard Pate “Cuban Tobacco Farmer”

Allen Coles “State Fair”

Carolyn Gibson “Refurbished”

Fine Craft Merit Awards

Warren Carpenter “Cherry Burl Bowl”

Delores Newson “Sassy Lady”

Watercolor Award - In honor of Ruth Hopkins by Claire Warren $250

Michael England “Carolina Marquee”

Printmaking Merit Award - $100

Gerry Wubben “Womankind”

Accepted Entries

Al Junek “One Foggy Day”
Al Junek “Two in Tow”
Alan Zarter “Trail Treasure”
Aldo Muzzarelli “Rain of Prejudice”
Ali Van den Broek “Crossing Liberty in the Rain”
Allen Coles “State Fair”
Andrew Murphy “Jack’s World”
Anita Seitz “Magnolia”
Anita Seitz “Camellias”
Anna Sullivan “Why do we keep our underwear private if it’s already doing the job of keeping our privates private?”
Ashley Swift “Sleeping Beauty”
Barbara Baldwin “Wonders of the Sea”
Barbara Brown “Whitney Northern Night Sky”
Barbara Hart Wilson “Lunch Box”
Barbara Mickelson Ervin “In Between Time”
Barbara Mickelson Ervin “Rhythm”
Barbara Yon “Commitment”
Beti Strobeck “Walking in Light
Bob Jolly “Forest Muse”
Bradley Kaskin “Picking Cotton”
Brenda M. Hill “Grandma’s House”
Brenda McLean “Red Barn”
Bryan Larkin “Spalted Sweet Gum”
C.T. Weiss “Old Growth”
Carole M. Dennison “Touched By the Sun”
Carolyn Gibson “Refurbished”
Carolyn Gibson “Wheels of Progress”
Cecile Martin “Rain…Again”
Charles Mosteller “Downtown Alley”
Charles Mosteller “The Moment”
Charles Mosteller “Loss of Time”
Cheryl Gibisch “Trees & Birdnest”
Chris Troy “Fire Song Soul”
Chris Troy “Wood Forged Fruit (Apple and Pear)”
Christel Minoitt “Destination”
Christine Tedesco “Untitled”
Christopher Jackson “She acts like summer”
Cindy Roddey “Puddle Ducks”
Conor Alwood “Ginger Jar”
Conor Alwood “The Body Burden”
Dan Williams “Morning Light”
Dave Appleman “Eagle”
Dave Appleman “Crevice Climber”
David Locke “The Dance”
David M Benson “Give a Rat”
David Young “Double Walled Vessel”
Deane King “Sunny Daze”
Debbie Black “The Journey”
Debbie Bzdyl “Epiphany”
Debbie Bzdyl “Journey Into Being”
Diane Demont “Memories”
Diann Simms “Green Door”
Don Kelleman “No Tilt”
Donna O’Hara “Lights at Peace”
Donna O’Hara “First Perspective”
Douglas Piper “Le Tour de Cassette”
Douglas Piper “Wandering Waves”
Edie Fagan “Main St. Greenville”
Edward Shmunes “Secret”
Ellen Kochansky “Art Supplies”
Ellie Phillips “One of Many Wildflowers”
Ellie Phillips “A Lovely View”
Erin Hughes “Rest”
Erin Spainhour “Breeze”
Gail Watson “Hiking New Zealand”
Gary Huntoon Teapot “Homage 2”
Gerry Wubben “A Life Lived”
Gerry Wubben “Womankind”
Glen Miller “Appalachian Autumn #1”
Glenda Guion “Water Mandorla/Leaf Shadow”
Glenda Guion “Wood Mandorla/Seed Shadow”
Gordon Dohm “Sunrise 11/6/2144”
Guido Migiano “Path to the Dock”
Guido Migiano “Sunlight on the Marsh”
Hamed Mahmoodie “Boxed In”
Hans Dohren Dort “Tall and Skinny”
Heather Schaffer “Soltice Intentions”
Holly Schlater “Giant Cat Cityscape”
Jane Doyle “Fading Memories”
Jane Doyle “Lost in Time”
Jane Friedman “Clearwater”
Jennifer Kirk Hamilton “When You Lease Expect It”
Jennifer Kirk Hamilton “I Don’t Know, Maybe It’s Friday”
Jenny Bishop “Heaton Bounty”
Jill Strickland “All is Well – Lake Hartwell”
Jo Anne Anderson “Blue Monday”
Joe Farmer “Wanderlust”
John Kayrouz “The Portal”
John Urban “Autumn Rush”
John Urban “Southern Gentleman”
John Urban” Mt. Moran”
Johnny Nutt “I Can’t Remember If I Forgot, Or Not”
Juan Vallejo “Macaw”
Kathy Moore “She Had Holes in Her Memory”
Kathy Ogden “In the Garden of Good and Evil”
KC Christmas “Jacquelyne and Susanne”
Keith R Nelms “Luzerner Morgen”
Kristi Lindsay “Forever Young”
Kymberly Day “High Plain, Lo Mein”
Kymberly Day “Cowboy Study (Amber)”
Lacie Lagroon “Routine Paths: 81 to 187”
Larry Bennett “Blue Oar”
Larry Bennett “Snowy Morning”
Lisa Shinko “Robin Egg”
Loretta Addison “Travelers Rest- Window”
Loretta Addison “Travelers Rest- Bedroom”
Matt Tolbert “Tribute to Gertrude Fisk”
Matt Tolbert “Ian”
Mel Livernois “Drop in a Bucket”
Melissa Pinney “African Artifacts”
Meredith Piper “Marabella”
Meredith Piper “Shirlene”
Michael England “Carolina Marquee”
Michael England “Depot Street”
Michael Fowler “Verdaspire”
Mrs. Delores Newson “Sassy Lady”
Mrs. Delores Newson “Swiveral Vase”
Nancy Perry “Easy Being Green”
Nancy Perry “Create Your Own Path”
Nancy Williamson “Reflection Totem”
Nat Morris “Gary Clark Jr.”
Patricia Cato “An Eyefull”
Ray Richards “Edisto One”
RG Brown “Kokse”
Ric Standridge “Reluctant Angel”
Ric Standridge “It’s A Miracle”
Rob Gentry “Firesong Terrapin”
Rob Gentry “Firesong Melody”
Rob Silance “Kudzu House Railings”
Ron Buttler “Disintegrating Man”
Russell Carlson “Agave”
Russell Jewell “Off the Grid”
Russell Jewell “Mystery in the Street”
Sally Donovan “Port of Miami”
Sarah Taylor “Grand Dame Equesterian of Aiken the Pullman Heiress”
Simms Brooks “Cook Needed”
Seth Scheving “The Weight of Glory”
Sharon Jacobs “Giant Fat Pink Tuba”
Stephanie Christian “#31”
Steve Jordan “Bumper to Bumper”
Sue West “Blue Hydregeneas”
Susan B Eleazer “Matriarch”
Taylor Dubeau “Looking for the right spot”
Taylor Dubeau “Chela”
Tom Dimond “Beyond the Wall”
Tom Dimond “Separation”
Tom Gibson “Cadilac Repairs, Santiago De Las Vegas”
Tom Gibson “Calle Nepptuno, La Habana”
Troy Ayers “Spirit”
Valerie Lowe “Takuro inspired”
Warren Carpenter “Heartwood”
Warren Carpenter “Cherry Burl Bowl”
Wendy Converse “Out of the Fire”
Wendy Rogers “Blue Delft and Red Cherries”
Wesa Neely “The Barn”
Willard Pate “Cuban Tobacco Farmer”
Willard Pate “Cuban Farm Dog”
Yelitza Diaz “Traumatic Red”
Yolize Monson “Asian Girl”

Art on The Town

Alice Burnette “Views of Clemson: Tillman Hall”
Amanda Espinosa “Vibrant Cacti”
Ashley Swift “Friendly Audience”
Beti Strobeck “Flight II”
Blaine Owens “Through the Looking Glass”
Bobby Rettew “Rosebud at Rankin’s”
Carole M. Dennison”
Cecile K Martin “Solar Show”
Dan Williams “Old Wagon Trail”
Dann R Ward “A Cold Greeting”
David Locke “Gate House at Biltmore”
David M Benson “New American Gothic”
Debbie Black “The Preacher”
Diana M. Walter “The Chinese L.A. Daily News”
Diane Demont “Such a Deal”
Diann Simms “Sunflowers”
Edie Fagan “Tuscan Espresso Pots”
Edward Shmunes “LIT”
Ethan Peeler “Downtown”
George LeMieux Jr. “Suitors”
Heather Noe “Golden Dusk”
Heather Noe “Glacier Snow”
Holly Schlater “A Fox named Molasses”
Ian Looney “Mythic”
Ian Looney “The City, She Sleeps”
Jamie Hansen “The Shoes he Outgrew”
Jane Friedman “Pendleton Oil Mill”
Jessica Reynolds “Sound of Today 3/7”
Jill Strickland “One Magnolia”
Joanne Crouch “Alone in the Woods”
Joanne Crouch “Grandmother’s Flower Garden”
John Pendarvis “Work Boots”
John Urban “Raven Cliff Falls”
Joseph W. Zdenek “Norwegian Fjord”
Joseph W. Zdenek “Cedar Waxwing with Winter Berries”
Kym Easter “Robert”
Lacie Lagroon “Golden Terrarium”
Lauren James “Flower Child”
Mary McAlister “Tranquility”
M.C. McDonough “Bright Trees II”
Melinda Hoffman “Sittin in Rubble”
Melinda Hoffman “To All the Ships at Sea”
Melissa Fabry “Fiat From Florence”
Melissa Fabry “12 Tempo The Passa”
Michael Fowler “Tangelo Transluc”
NJ Kempt “Tuscan Table”
Robin Connell “Beach Path”
Russell Carlson “Opossum Falls”
Sharon Carlson “Jellyfish”
Simms Brooks “Eddie sez, “I know why the caged bird sings””
Simms Brooks “Sea Bird, See”
Steve Jordan “Motherboard”
Toni Elkins “Pick up Sticks”
Wendy Converse “Gentle Breeze”
Wendy Rogers “Peonies and gold leaf”
Wendyth Thomas Wells “Societal Series Fissures”
Wendyth Thomas Wells “Icy Cold Spring”
Wesa Neely “New Blooms, Old Stone”

The 44th  Annual Juried Show, held at The Warehouse, celebrates one of the longest running Juried Shows in South Carolina. 217 artists representing 3 states entered a total of 408 pieces of work. 159 pieces were accepted into the Juried Show and will be on display April 5 – May 16. 50 pieces were accepted to Art on the Town and will be on display in varying venues in downtown Anderson May 3 – May 24.


All artists 18 years or older may submit works for this show. Only original works of art not shown previously at the Anderson Arts Center and created within the last two years are eligible. These works may be in any media including painting, pastel, drawing, sculpture, pottery, photography, fibers, printmaking, weaving, basketry, graphics, wood, etc. All works to be hung must be professionally framed and securely wired under Plexiglas or glass; gallery wrapped canvas is acceptable. No clip mounting will be accepted. Three-dimensional work must sit solidly on a flat surface or be properly mounted for hanging. If works are not adequately prepared for display, they will be withdrawn from jurying. While there are no size restrictions, entries must be transportable and able to be hung in a conventionally sized gallery.


Bryan Sieling is Director of Exhibition Design and Production at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in Washington, DC. During the seven-year lead-up to the museum’s grand opening in 2016, Mr. Sieling oversaw the design, fabrication, and installation of the inaugural exhibitions and their coordination with the base building architecture. Prior to his work at NMAAHC, Sieling was Chief of Design for the Newseum’s relocation, re-design, and expansion to downtown DC, and prior to that, was exhibition designer and design manager at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

Bryan earned a Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies with a minor in set design from The George Washington University in 1989. His museum career began in 1981 as a volunteer docent and preparator before joining the staff as a Curator of Education at the Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center in Portsmouth, Ohio, his hometown.

Art Shuttle Service

This year there will be an Artwork Shuttle Service to select areas in SC. Artists will have the opportunity to deliver Juried Show entries to a central location in each of these cities. There will be an additional $10 fee for this service.

The Anderson Arts Center will pick up the entries and then return the work after the show closes on May 31st. All works participating in the process will be covered by liability insurance.

All work MUST be boxed in a reusable container, with each box labeled with the artist’s name, the title of the piece, email address, phone number and address.  $35 entry fee and  $10 shuttle service fee may be paid online or mailed; if paying with a check, artists are welcome to combine the amounts into one check of $45. Work inappropriately boxed will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

For more information regarding this service, and additional opportunities, please call the Anderson Arts Center at 864.222.2787, or email Addy Smith at

Pick-Up Locations & Entry Acceptance Deadlines

The following locations will be accepting entries Tuesday, March 19th-Thursday, March 21st.
Entries will be picked up by truck on Friday, March 22nd and returned by truck on Thursday, May 30th. 

Southern Pottery Center
3105 Devine Street

Donna Green
(803) 251-3001

Rock Hill
Rock Hill Center for the Arts
121 East Main Street

Jennifer Hamilton
(803) 322-7129


Sculpture artists are invited to participate in the Anderson Arts Center/City of Anderson’s Partnership for Public Art: SculpTOUR competition and exhibition as a part of the 44th Annual Juried Show. Up to six outdoor sculptures will be juried into the year-long outdoor exhibition for cash prizes of $1,000 each. This unique Anderson public art competition will be judged by a selection committee. All installations must be completed by Art on the Town, May 3rd, and will remain for one year.

Artists chosen as finalists will be required to be available during the installation and take down processes. All installation costs and insurance will be the responsibility of the Anderson Arts Center. Each sculpture artist will be required to complete and submit an entry form and pay an entry fee during the take in days (March 21st – March 23rd). Complete descriptions of the piece and artist’s resumes should be included at entry. Sculptures too large to be submitted during the take in for the juried show must be submitted by photographs emailed to More information is available by calling the Anderson Arts Center 864.222.2787.

Calendar of Events

Juried Cards Mailed
Friday, March 29

Juried Results Online
Friday, March 29

Exhibit Opening and Awards Ceremony
Friday, April 5, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Awards Ceremony, 7:00 pm

Art on the Town – Art Crawl
Friday, May 3, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Art on the Town Outlets Viewing
Friday, May 3 – Friday, May 24

Not Accepted Entries Pickup
Friday, April 5, 10:00 am – 8:30 pm

Accepted Entries Pickup
Tuesday, May 28, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday, May 29, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday, May 30, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday, May 31, 10:00 am – 8:30 pm
Saturday, June 1, 10:00am – 2:00pm

Shuttle Service Returned Works
Thursday, May 30

Show Closes
Thursday, May 16


Art matters. Make a difference today!

110 Federal Street
Anderson, SC 29625



Tuesday - Friday
9:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday - Sunday


The Anderson Arts Center strives to meet the cultural needs of our diverse community through local and national exhibits, comprehensive arts programming for all ages, and community based public art projects.


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