Artwork Destination

Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce - TD Bank Building

Alice Burnette “Views of Clemson: Tillman Hall”

Ashley Swift “Friendly Audience”

Bobby Rettew “Rosebud at Rankin’s

Dan Williams “Old Wagon Trail”

David Locke “Gate House at Biltmore”

Diann Simms “Sunflowers”

Jane Friedman “Pendleton Oil Mill”

Lauren James “Flower Child”

Figs Beanery and Creamery

Amanda Espinosa “Vibrant Cacti”

MC McDonough “Bright Trees 2”

Robin Connell “Beach Path”

Simms Brooks “Sea Bird, See”

Wendy Converse “Gentle Breeze”

Indigo Custom Framing

Ian Looney “The City, She Sleeps”

Melinda Hoffman “Sitting in Rubble”

Simms Brooks “Eddie sez, “I know why the caged bird sings”

David M Benson “New American Gothic”

Kym Easter “Robert”

State Farm

Carole M. Dennison “Matching Outfits”

Melissa Fabry “Fiat From Florence”

Melissa Fabry “Il Tempo che Passo”

Russell Carlson “Opossum Falls”

Steve Jordan “Motherboard”

The Kitchen Emporium & Gifts

Joseph W. Zdenek “Cedar Waxwing with Winter Berries”

Lacie Lagroon “Golden Terrarium”

NJ Kempf “Tuscan Table”

Heather Noe “Glacier Snow”

Joanne Crouch “Grandmother’s Flower Garden”

Simply Country Chic

Diane Demont “Such a Deal”

Ethan Peeler “Downtown”

Jamie Hansen “The Shoes He Outgrew”

Jill Strickland “One Magnolia”

The Bleckley Inn

Edward Shmunes “LIT”

John Urban “Raven Cliff Falls”

Joseph W. Zdenek “Norwegian Fjord”

Mary McAlister “Tranquility”

Wendy Rogers “Peonies and gold leaf”

Carolina Bauernhaus Ales

George LeMieux Jr. “Suitors”

John Pendarvis “Work Boots”

Michael Fowler “Tangelo Transluc”

Sharon Carlson “Jellyfish”

Toni Elkins “Pick up Sticks”

Carolina Alliance Bank

Beti Strobeck “Flight II”

Diana M. Walter “The Chinese L.A. Daily News”

Edie Fagan “Tuscan Espresso Pots”

Holly Schlater “A Fox Named Molasses”

Wesa Neely “New Blooms, Old Stone”


Blaine Owens “Through the Looking Glass”

Cecile K Martin “Solar Show”

Debbie Black “The Preacher”

Ian Looney “Mythic”

Wendyth Thomas Wells “Societal Series Fissures”

Blake and Brady

Jessica Reynolds “The Color of Today – May 1st”

Melinda Hoffman “To All the Ships at Sea”

Heather Noe “Golden Dusk”

Tom Dimond “Saguna Lok”

Joanne Crouch “Alone in the Woods”

Growler Haus

Carolyn Gibson “Cow Skull”

Dann R Ward “A Cold Greeting”

Laurie King “Flame”

Wendyth Thomas Wells “Icy Cold Spring”

110 Federal Street
Anderson, SC 29625


Tuesday - Friday 9:30am -5:30pm

Saturday - Sunday CLOSED


The Anderson Arts Center strives to meet the cultural needs of our diverse community through local and national exhibits, comprehensive arts programming for all ages, and community based public art projects.


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Funding assistance provided by the Anderson County and City Accommodations Tax Fund and by the South Carolina Arts Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.