Special Events - One Time Workshops!

Introduction to Photo Encaustic

Saturday, March 9, 2019

10am – 2:30pm

Erin Hughes – Instructor

An introduction to encaustic painting using your own printed images as a starting point. Learn how to mount photos, apply and fuse wax layers as well as techniques for adding textures and tint to your artwork.

All supplies will be provided.

$45.00 members $55.00 non-members

(plus $ supply fee)


Bio- Erin Hughes

I began film photography in high school and continued my photography studies in college at James Madison University. I have worked as a professional family photographer since 2011. In 2015, I began to work with Penny Treese, an encaustic artist in Atlanta, to learn the technique and apply it to my images. I immediately loved the process and have been working with wax, both cold and hot, ever since. I’m focusing now on connecting my photo encaustic work with my abstract cold wax and oil paintings…finding connections and underlying metaphors that show up between them.

A Two Day Workshop with Tom Dimond: Mixed Media Collage on Paper

Friday, April 19th and Saturday, April 20th, 2019

9:30 am – 4:30 pm (with an hour lunch)

Instructor – Tom Dimond

Private wine and hors d’oeuvre reception 4:30 – 5:30pm Friday, April 19th

A two day experience in mixed media collage with our own local artist Tom Dimond, recent exhibitor at the Anderson Arts Center in a retrospective of 50 years of fantastic art work!


These materials will be provided for a $15 fee, paid to the instructor: Fluid Acrylic Paints, printing paper, All mediums.

Students should bring the following materials:

These could be pricey if purchased in an art supply store; Jerry’s Artarama (www.jerrysartarama.com) or Michaels is recommended for all your materials. Be sure to allow at least a week for the materials to be delivered.

Watercolor Paper – 12-20 sheets 140lbs. cold press- either loose sheets or bound pads are ok.


Arches Block 20 in. X 14in. 20 sheets


Langton Prestige Pad 20in. X 14in. 12 sheets


Fluid Watercolor Easy Block 20in. X 16in. 15 sheets

Watercolor paints in 5ml or 15ml size tubes. 5 or 6 colors at least or more.

Assorted brushes – 1″ flat, large, round, foam, rubber tip shapers

Acrylic glazing sheet – 18′ X 24′ (available at Lowe’s or Home Depot)

4″ or 6″ plastic putty knife -DO NOT BRING METAL SCRAPERS

Large container for water

A dozen or so 8oz. clear plastic disposable cups for fluids

3 or 4 small plastic squeeze bottles

Spray bottle

Paper towels

Large board (cardboard, masonite or plywood) for work surface, 24″ X 36″

Blue painter’s tape – 1 roll, 1″

X-acto knife or Utility knife and scissors.

Students should bring a few 8oz. plastic cups to hold paints and medium.

$230 members  $250 non-members

Oil and Cold Wax Painting: Layers and Marks with Terry Dimond

Friday, March 22nd and Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

9:30 am – 4:30 pm (with an hour for lunch)

Instructor: Terry Jarrard-Dimond

An opportunity to spend two days learning about the technique of cold wax painting with our own local artist Terry Diamond, recent exhibitor at the Anderson Arts Center in a Retrospective of 50 years of fantastic artwork!



1 pad Arches Oil Painting Pad 9 x 12 (12 sheets)

Oil Paints – any colors you like + white and black (if you do not already have oil paint, buy a small starter assortment of 3 primary colors plus black and white)

Gamblin Wax Oil Painting Medium – 4 or 8oz jar (clear)

Squeegee (you use these for removing water off glass) and/or silicone bowl scraper (scrapes of mat board cut into different widths will also work)

Sofe Rubber Brayer (soft not hard)

Paper palette or a roll of Freezer Paper

Wax Paper

Latex or Nitrile Gloves – several pairs

Palette knives – whatever you have – metal or plastic

Paper towels

Oil paint sticks ( 2 or 3) only if you have them (R&F pigment sticks but NOT OIL pastels)

Blue Painters Tape or white artists tape

Paper scissors

Exacto knife

Bamboo Skewers – share a pack with other classmates

Baby Wipes & Baby Oil for cleanup

A few assorted graphite or charcoal pencils

4 sheets of drawing paper cut into 6″ x 6″ squares



Additional items if you have them: Clay Sculpture Tools, Silicone Color Shapers or brushes, items that will make interesting textures in the paint such as rough sponges, dish scrubber, old straw whisk broom, plastic stencils, dry pigments, notebook if you like.


$230 members  $250 non-members


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