Kim Bowen

Kim Bowen has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Education along with over thirty years of experience in Ceramics and various other art forms. For many years, she taught third and fourth grade but she loves to teach individuals of all ages. She strongly believes in the importance of fostering creativity and joy in her students. She invites you to come join us for a relaxing and fun time!

Kim teaches After School Art Studio, Tuesday Open Studio, Sip n’Spins and Outreach Programs.

Samantha Dorn

Samantha grew up on a farm in Chappells, SC. Her passion for art was heavily influenced by the rural environment she grew up in. She is a multimedia artist but kept a primary interest in photography. She attended Lander University studying Art Education. Samantha has taught students from ages 4 to 18. She loves sharing her passion and excitement for art and new creative processes with others. The messier the projects, the better. Samantha taught in the public school setting for 6 years and is now teaching in smaller, more private environments. She currently resides in Starr with her husband and two daughters.

Samantha teaches After School Art Studio and Summer Art Camp classes.

Kristie Leiner

Kristie Leiner is a lover of the arts and education, having taught elementary school for 22 years. She enjoys sharing her passion for art with children, allowing them to be able to learn about the masters as well as develop their own style. Kristie lives in Anderson with her husband and her grown three sons live in various locations around the country.

Kristie teaches After School art Studio and Summer Art Camp classes.

Eve Marino

Eve is an insatiable explorer and conveyer of clay. She has had her hands in clay for over 30 years. During the past seven years, she has been teaching various methods with clay through workshops and private lessons all around the upstate with her MudBus.

Eve believes everyone can make something great and is excited to show you the ways of clay by guiding you in making functional pottery & forever memories.

Eve teaches clay classes.

Donna Persinger

Donna Persinger is a multimedia artist with a primary focus on encaustic painting. She retired from a career in Special Education and Therapeutic Recreation where she utilized art in therapeutic and educational activities. Donna enjoys exploring possibilities in every medium looking beyond what is immediately evident reveling in the exploration of color combinations, textures, and employing materials in a variety of ways. Her work is intuitive flowing from her heart to express her connection to the world around her.

Donna teaches After School Art Studio classes.

Seth Scheving

Seth grew up in North Dakota/Minnesota and moved to Anderson in 2008, where he has resided since. He attended Anderson University for drawing and painting. He is also a recent graduate of Eastern Illinois University for a MA in Art Education. Seth currently works at Westside High School teaching art. He teaches Art 1, 2, 3, and 4 and leads the NAHS program. Starting in the spring of 2024, he will be teaching drawing at Anderson University. When time allows, he works in his home studio on watercolors.

Seth teaches After School Art Studio classes.

Erin Spainhour

Erin Spainhour received her BA in Visual Arts from Lander University. She has been teaching art for over 5 years, and is currently teaching 4 classes at the Anderson Arts Center. When Erin is not teaching, she is working on her photography project or taking on freelance design jobs. She enjoys introducing the students to art history as well as creating a fun and relaxed environment in her classes.

Erin teaches After School Art Studio and Alternative School 2-D.